Firefighters cut locks, saw gates, force entry into burning Glendale warehouse

Officials say just before 1:00 a.m. in an industrial area near 55th and Missouri avenues, neighbors noticed smoke coming from the roof of a business and called 911.

Firefighters tell us when they first arrived at the scene, there was so much smoke it was hard to distinguish which building was on fire.

They eventually determined it was a curbing and concrete business that was burning. 

"The fire was called defensive due to the amount of fire, smoke and heat. Meaning the firefighters couldn’t enter the building because it was extremely dangerous. Another challenge to this fire was access.  Firefighters had to cut locks, saw gates and force entry to get to and open up the building to even attack the fire," stated Chris James of the Glendale Fire Department. "Ladder trucks put up elevated master streams to drown out the fire from above, since there were 15 to 20 foot flames coming through the roof."

Along with GFD, crews from Phoenix and Peoria fire departments were able to keep the fire contained to the Curbs Plus warehouse, so it didn't spread to the offices that were attached.

No employees were on site and there were no injuries to firefighters.

An investigation into how the fire started is underway.