Flags in Arizona ordered to be at half-staff to honor fallen Capitol officers

To honor the fallen Capitol officers who died recently, Arizona's Governor ordered for all flags at state buildings to be at half-staff, the governor's office announced Sunday, Jan. 10.

President Donald Trump also ordered flags around the country to also be at half-staff through Wednesday, Jan. 13.

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Individuals and businesses are encouraged to participate in this tribute, Ducey's office said.

He released a statement on the passing of the officers and the riot that took place at the nation's capitol on Jan. 6.

"I join all Americans in grieving the tragic loss of United States Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick and Officer Howard Liebengood. Our prayers are with their families and colleagues at this difficult time.

Arizonans, like all Americans, were shaken by the horrific events that unfolded at the United States Capitol on January 6. The rioting and violence that took place in Washington D.C. was shocking and unacceptable. We condemn it in the strongest terms.

Officers Sicknick and Liebengood were tasked with protecting the living symbol of our democratic form of government. They will be foremost in our thoughts as we vow to recommit to our shared values as Americans and to making sure something like this never happens again. In coordination with the federal proclamation, I am ordering flags at all state buildings to half-staff."