Flagstaff elementary school vandalized with graffiti, smashed windows

It was a nightmare for an Flagstaff elementary school after their classrooms were vandalized, with windows smashed and paint splattered across campus.

The culprits unplugged the security system, but left key evidence behind.

Sechrist Elementary School principal John Albert received a call Sunday night from a teacher alerting him to the vandalism.

"There was a spray painted wall, and there was a concern that there may have been a break in," Albert said.

When Albert arrived at the school, the damage was worse than expected. Photos revealed gallons of paint splattered on the ground and spray paint all over the school.

The culprits also smashed nearly 20 windows, but the only things taken: toys and candy.

"All of our high end computers, laptops, digital cameras, document cameras, projector devices - none of those were touched," Albert said. "So it was more of a act of hostility against the school and vandalism rather than a burglary."

Principal Albert says detectives were able to obtain fingerprints. Blood samples were also found after the suspects smashed the windows and used the nurse's office supplies to tend to their wounds.

Despite the mess it left behind, Albert says it brought the school together.

"We had planned a lot of field day events, so we were outside, we had our to step up bringing our kids pizza, water bottles," Albert said. "The kids really were a little shocked and sad that their school was vandalized, but we stayed together and as a closed knit community.

"If we can get through COVID and break-ins, this class will do great things when they graduate," the principal said.

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