Five California fugitives rounded up in Phoenix, Glendale

Law enforcement agencies in Arizona are making sure five fugitives wanted in California will face justice.

All five fugitives are from California's Central Valley, and most of them are housed in the same pod. One of the suspects is accused of killing a 19-year-old woman.

"Her smile, her upbeat attitude, regardless of how she felt inside," said Tracey Pimentel. "She was so amazing."

19-year-old Hannah Pimentel's mother, Tracey, misses her everyday. Her daughter was killed on May 12 in Fresno, California.

Hannah Pimentel

Hannah Pimentel

That afternoon, police say Marc Rodriguez, a known gang member with a violent history, sped off in his car away from officers before crashing into Pimentel, who was driving downtown.

Rodriguez never stopped, and for three weeks, authorities searched for him.

"A call woke me up from her boyfriend, and he yelled over the phone, 'They caught him! They caught him,' " said Pimentel.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, police arrested the 31-year-old suspect at the home of someone Rodriguez knew on May 28.

On the same day, Glendale police arrested Jorge Barron, 20, and Manuel Leon, 21 - the last two out of the six inmates who escaped from Merced County Jail back in January.

The U.S. Marshals assisted both Phoenix and Glendale Police.

On May 30, Phoenix Police arrested 25-year-old Eddie Cordero in connection to a double murder at a bar in Fresno County. Anthony Guzman, 25, was also arrested in the city for being an accessory to murder.

Five fugitives from California's Central Valley region, all taken into custody within three days.

Sergeant Jimmy Chavez with the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety says he's not sure if there's a clear reason suspects are running to the desert. But two major interstate systems, I-40 and I-10, are factors.

"I think with us positioned close to California…that makes us a destination, if you will, for people that are absconding," Chavez said.

The wait is almost over for Hannah Pimentel's family as her accused killer will soon be extradited back to California.

"I'm just glad they caught him and justice will take its course," said her mother.

The U.S. Marshals assisted both Phoenix and Glendale Police.

The chief deputy marshal for Arizona says the nexus from California to Arizona has always been strong for fugitives.

Marc Rodriguez, Jorge Barron, Manuel Leon, Eddie Cordero, Anthony Guzman

Marc Rodriguez, Jorge Barron, Manuel Leon, Eddie Cordero, Anthony Guzman

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