Florida high school student gives free haircuts to homeless

A high school student is giving free haircuts and food to the homeless in South Florida.

According to WSVN, 18-year-old Joshua Rodriguez went into Miami's Overtown neighborhood on Sunday with a desire to help.

Rodriguez said he has been cutting hair for two years, and decided he wanted to help those in need.

"In all this time it wasn't until this past Sunday that marked the first time that it occurred to me that I have an ability to help others in a way that I know best," he wrote on Instagram.

The high school senior and his friend, Bruno Diaz, spent $200 on food and daily essentials to offer to people in the area.

The two set up a table with snacks and water under an overpass, and had anyone who wanted a free haircut sit down in Rodriguez's makeshift barber chair.

"What we gave in money and time we received ten fold in love and appreciation from those we helped," Rodriguez wrote in his post. "By the end of the day our legs were tired and our energy was all but used up, but the smiles we caused and happiness we saw made it the best $200 we ever spent."

Rodriguez and Diaz said they hope their act of kindness encourages others to help those in need in their community.

"If you have a talent or gift then you can put it to use to help other people," Rodriguez wrote. "It's an act that often takes more selflessness and good intention than it does money."

The teens started their own non-profit, called "Blessed 2 Bless Others" Foundation. For more information on their efforts, click here.