Florida man shot while cleaning his gun, didn't notice until he finally cleaned himself

We all know bad hygiene can be killer. But a Florida man's poor hygiene literally almost killed him when he didn't notice he was bleeding from a gun shot wound until he changed his shirt over two days later! Um, what?? The details are fuzzy but here is what we know:

Michael Blevins, 37, was cleaning a .22 caliber pistol when he accidentally shot himself. Volusia County Sheriffs Deputies were called after he checked himself in at 'Fish Memorial Hospital on Saturday.

The shooting happened Thursday in Blevins living room as he cleaned the revolver and loaded the cylinder while resting the gun on his chest so his dog wouldn't jump on it. Safety first!

Blevins stood up and his back gave out from an old injury causing him to fall and hit his head on a glass coffee table. He says he went about his business until he changed his black long sleeve shirt two days later to a lighter colored shirt that showed the blood.

He said he heard a gun shot but didn't feel any pain, probably because of his medicine he takes for his back pain. Those must be some strong meds!

The case was closed as an accidental shooting. The moral of the story? Clean yourself better than you clean your gun. Oh Florida, never change.

Watch video above for full story.