Free adoption events planned this weekend

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The days following the 4th of July holiday are some of the busiest for animal shelters around the Valley, and many of these shelters are still feeling the impact of the increase in strays.

However, thanks to the Bissell Pet Foundation, many pet adoptions fees around the Valley will be waived this weekend as part of the "Empty the Shelter" event. This is something they do every year to help with the overcrowding.

"We are hoping that that exactly happens because we are crowded," said Jose Santiago with the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. We have a little less than 750 dogs between the two facilities, which is spreading us quite thin."

Both Maricopa County Care and Control Shelters are among those offering free adoptions.

"They asked us what can we do to help, and we said after the July 4th weekend is really when we need this help," said Santiago.

Santiago said over the 4th of July weekend, the shleter received 161 animals. He's hoping people will take advantage of this event and help them empty the shelter.

"We are including puppies and kittens and adult dogs and cats," said Santiago. "They will still get their license, all of the vaccinations, the alteration surgery, they will get a microchip -- so everything is going to be included."

There are several adoption sites offering free adoption on Friday and Saturday.

Empty the Shelters