"Fresh 48" provides mothers a chance to document their child's first hours in a glamorous manner

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- In today's world, professional photos to post on your social media sites are everything. People are trying to get the best shot for almost every occasion and special moment, and more women are choosing to get glammed up for photos before, during and after giving birth.

"The baby is super fresh and super new, brand new baby," said Elise Cox with Elise Juna Photography.

Long gone are the days when the hospital photographer comes in to snap a quick photo of your new bundle of joy. Capturing moments to be shared instantly with friends and family is now making its way to the delivery room.

"People are wanting more of a creative spin on the photos now," said Cox. "There's definitely a look that's popular that normal hospital photography doesn't really give you."

Cox said more and more expectant mothers are now opting in for what's called a "Fresh 48" session.

"Shooting the baby in the first 48 hours of their life. taking those pictures, typically you're at the hospital," said Cox.

Before the Fresh 48 photos are taken, the photographer is typically there to capture the actual birth.

"Even with birth photography, there's a lot of women that have their hair and make up done as they're having the baby or right before for the birth photography, and they have their make-up done for the Fresh 48s just for those pictures," said Cox.

When Whitney Ford had her son in 2016. Fresh 48 photos weren't a thing.

"I was more just seeing you would post a photo of them in the hospital, or try to get a nurse to take a nice picture of you," said Ford.

So, when Ford had her daughter last year, she took full advantage of the trend.

"I knew when I had my daughter, I started seeing all of these pictures with the moms in robes, coordinating with the baby's swaddle, and they were all cleaned up," said Ford. "I definitely didn't look very glamorous in my birth photos, which is fine, it's not how I anticipated looking, so I kind of wanted to have the opportunity to get some really good photos in the hospital, and capture that moment."

While these types of photos take the stress off of mom, dad or nurses to get the best shot, they are a bit more stressful on the photographer. Typically, a photographer has two to three weeks to edit photos.

With Fresh 48 photos, they only have hours.

"They do want to use them to announce the baby, so you want to have a quick return of the photos," said Cox. "I come home and I'll start editing and then send out the galleries."

Since the photographer does not know exactly when the baby will come, around the due date, the photographer is on standby.

"With a birthing session, that's even more on-call," said Cox. "Typically, moms have their babies at night, so I'd be going out in the mddle of the night, and then sometimes, within hours, going back to the hospital to shoot the Fresh 48."

For some, this concept may seem over the top, But for others, they want this special day professionally documented, so they can remember that first day forever.

"Just remembering all of the little details of, like, how tiny her feet were and her little hands and all of her features. You can't capture that on your iPhone, and you don't want to. You want to actually be in that moment, rather than trying to shoot it yourself," said Ford.

Fresh 48 sessions can cost several hundred dollars, depending on the photographer.