Friends, family gather at home to write words of love over spray-painted anti-Semitic graffiti

Earlier this week, a grotesque display of hate appeared on the Simones family's mailbox, but rather than be intimidated, they couple said they took a stance and saw an opportunity.

"Instead of just painting over it and moving on, we really wanted to bring all that love and positivity and sort of channel it into an event that we could really end on a high note," said Shoshana Simones.

Dozens of neighbors, friends and family members showed up this morning to drive out darkness with light, and paint words of love over hate.

Obviously other people are upset by it, but I think they've turned that upset and t hat anger into a more powerful force of love," said Ari Simones.

Shortly after Shoshana and Ari shared their story, they say someone black out the graffiti in the middle of the night, believing it was another cowardly act.

"The initial vandals seemed to have returned, and they came back and blacked out the graffiti so at least, you know, the swastika and the word Jew was obliterated a bit," said Shoshana.

But rather than focus on the negative, this group believes we're stronger as a positive, united force.

"There's been a tone in this country recently where these things have become more and more frequent, and more and more permissible in some quarters, and that's got to stop. We do so much better together than a part," said Gary Grove, a family friend.