Friends, family still looking for answers over Stacey Aragon's disappearance

12 years ago Thursday, a Valley woman named Stacey Aragon disappeared, and while she has yet to be found, friends and family have never stopped looking for answers.

Aragon was last seen with her boyfriend, withdrawing cash from an ATM in Gilbert after visiting an aunt. There hasn't been any leads in the years since.

"No sign of her at all," said Aragon's sister, Lisa Askren. "No phone call, or nothing, absolutely nothing."

Still, Aragon's family said they are not giving up hope.

"She made other people laugh and she just loved everybody," said Askren. "She was an easy to love person. She got along with everybody."

Stacy would have been 40 years old in 2017. Every year, the family comes together to put up fliers in various areas, in an effort to remind the public of her disappearance.

"It's been 12 years, people change. She might have lost a lot of weight, she might of be thinner than she was in these pictures, she might have gotten into drugs," said Askren. "So, she might not look the same, and if everyone could take a second to look at someone in the bus stop next to them on the bus, on the street, anything."

Aragon's family said they still have hope that she will one day be found, and that they will never give up. They have visited a medium and waiting to hear back from another one.

Meanwhile, Gilbert Police said the will release something this week.