'Get outta there!': Woman films acrobatic bear balancing on porch to eat from bird feeder

A Maine woman was shocked when she discovered a black bear balancing on her porch railing trying to steal some birdseed from her bird feeder. 

Vicki Babb captured a video of the bear showing off his acrobatic moves on May 12. 

"Hey! Get outta there!" Babb screamed at the animal who paid no attention to her as it continued to reach for the birdseed. 

"Aye, get out of there, you little s***," Babb yells, knocking on the door, the video shows. But the animal wasn’t deterred at all.

Babb told Storyful that the mammal finally broke the bird feeder and laid on the ground eating his food.

"This little guy was very brave!" Babb said, "He didn’t seem to mind me at all."

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Storyful contributed.