Get paid $5,000 to live like royalty in a Scottish castle while sipping bottomless coffee for a week

If you love coffee and the finer things in life, your dream job awaits you.

Gevalia Kaffe wants to pay one lucky coffee lover $5,000 to drink coffee and rule over a Scottish castle for a week as part of its “Coffee Queen” contest.

The gig comes with a $5,000 “salary,” as well as an all-expense paid round trip to Scotland for two with accommodations for six nights in Carlowrie Castle.

The new queen will also receive $2,000 in spending money, a personal chef, butler and a coffee-infused spa treatment for two.


Exterior of Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland (Gevalia Kaffe)

To enter the competition, which runs until Dec. 21, contestants must submit a 250-character essay online about why they’re a coffee queen in real life. 

“Gevalia believes a Queen is anyone who transforms into the most confident version of themselves after that first cup of coffee—they speak their minds, are self-aware, and aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves,” the company said.

Submissions will be judged on attitude, fit to contest theme and creativity, according to the competition’s official rules.

Carlowrie Castle, located in  Edinburgh, Scotland, boasts 12 luxurious bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 32 acres of land for the queen to rule over. 

If living the lavish life doesn’t tickle your fancy, the winner can opt to receive a $25,000 check as well as their $5,000 salary. 

The competition runs until Dec. 21, 2019 and the winner will be notified a week later.