Gilbert neighborhood on edge following a rash of car break-ins

GILBERT, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- A Gilbert neighborhood is on edge right now, as a rash of car break-ins has left residents securing their homes in the Silverhawke neighborhood.

Police say the culprits of these break-ins went house to house and car to car, lifting car door handles until they found a car unlocked. There were 30 burglaries overnight, and neighborhood residents are now unsettled. Officials with the Gilbert Police Department say this was the job of at least six males. Fortunately, the acts were all caught on camera.

"All the neighbors they have cameras, and a lot of them have video and there are pictures," said Bruce Cline, one of the victims. He woke up Monday morning to his car doors wide open.

"Everything in my car. The doors were open, the glove compartment was open, and my papers were all over the car," said Cline.

Gilbert Police officials say thieves got away with anything from loose change to purses. While it was a crime of opportunity, Evisa Given says it doesn't feel good at all. She has learned from her past mistakes, as her car was broken into in the past.

"We left our car unlocked, they used the clicker to open the garage and stole our bikes," said Given.

Gilbert Police officials are asking for everyone in that neighborhood to look through their camera footage, even if you were a victim.