'Girls Who Code:' Chandler teen starts coding club to close gender gap in tech industry

One student from a Chandler high school is trying to make the STEM field a bit more inclusive.

"My goal is to close the gender gap in technology, just in our community to start," said Anika Attaluri, founder and president of the Girls Who Code Club at Hamilton High School in Chandler.

Girls Who Code is an international nonprofit organization that is trying to close the gender gap in technology and reform the image of a programmer.

Attaluri plans to enter the STEM field in the future and wants the industry to become more inclusive.

"Right now coding specifically is a very male-dominated industry, so it's not very welcoming to females, so it's not very inclusive," said Attaluri. "With organizations like Girls Who Code, we're able to make the environment, in the long run, more safer and inclusive so anyone with the passion can go and pursue this."

Anika started the club as a sophomore, and now she is entering her senior year.

There are around 30 members, but the club also offers boot camps at local community centers like the library. All in all, there are nearly 200 alumni members.

Attaluri wants to provide a safe space for girls - one she hopes will encourage a bright future.

"I do hope this club does keep going even after I graduate, and everyone does feel like they have space and the capacity to continue this work," said Attaluri.

Since the pandemic moved schools to online learning, she has been working one-on-one with people interested in learning about coding.

Learn more about Girls Who Code here: https://www.cusd80.com/Page/98495