Glendale Police: 9-year-old brought gun to school as part of a dare

GLENDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Officials with Glendale Police Department and the Glendale Elementary School District said Friday afternoon that a gun was found in the backpack of a student.

According to Jim Cummings with the district, a student at Glendale American Elementary reported to a teacher at dismissal time that a gun was seen in the backpack of another student. The teacher cleared the room, and once everyone was out and safe, the backpack was taken to the front office.

Officer Tiffany Smith with Glendale Police said, in a separate statement released Friday afternoon, that the incident began to unfold as school was being released, and that the teacher also escorted a 9-year-old female student to the office. The student reported that she was "dared" by another student to bring the gun to campus.

Both Cummings and Smith said no students were in danger. According to Cummings, bringing a gun to school can be grounds for discipline.