18 homes burglarized in Phoenix area, 2 arrested and police believe there are more victims

Two men are in deep trouble after Glendale Police say they broke into at least 18 homes in the Phoenix area over the course of several months while homeowners were asleep.

32-year-old Joseph Sosa and 24-year-old Damarie Doss reportedly broke into the homes on weekdays between 1:30 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. Of those 18 homes, 15 were in Glendale, 2 in Phoenix, and the other in Avondale.

"Detectives say the two men would enter the homes through forced open or unsecured rear doors, rear windows or doggie doors," police said.

The two then took off with wallets, purses, credit cards, keys and gaming consoles.

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Damarie Doss

Surveillance cameras from the homes and nearby businesses helped detectives identify and capture Doss and Sosa.

"The video footage helped identify the vehicle used during the incidents, which led to its registered owner," police said.

Some of the stolen credit cards were even used at gas stations, so investigators were also able to track the suspects down that way too.

When the two were found by police, they both reportedly had stolen guns. A search warrant was served for their apartment and police say they found some of the stolen property as well as clothes that were worn during the crimes.

"Both Sosa and Doss were arrested on April 23, 2023 and a Maricopa Grand Jury indicted Joseph Sosa on eight felony charges and Damarie Doss on 11 felony charges. Both men face charges of 
burglary, misconduct involving weapons, trafficking stolen property and theft and fraudulent use of credit cards," police said.

The police department warns all residents to make sure to keep doors locked and windows secured. It also suggests installing a video-recording doorbell and security cameras.

During a news conference on May 16 announcing the arrests, police also gave the opportunity for other victims who may have been involved in the crime spree to come forward.

"We cannot stress enough that we need more potential victims to come forward. One of the suspects (Doss) said that they had committed several dozen of these burglaries and we have only cleared and charged on 18 cases," police said.