Glendale senior living center offers drumming classes

A Glendale senior living center is adding a unique class to their roster: drumming.

The staff at Glencroft Center for Modern Aging helps the residents in many ways. Steve Heller is the vice president of ZoeLife, a program in the facility designed to keep residents engaged, moving and learning.

"We get real loud music happening, we get banging, we smile, we laugh and its just a way to release endorphins and have a good time," Heller said.

Edell Rowe attends the class every week. After suffering multiple heart attacks and strokes, she says it helps her keep moving.

"These classes have helped me build up my body strength," Rowe said. "When I first came to Glencroft, I couldn't reach my head over my head.

"I love this class because it gives me the opportunity to get out some energy and get myself a little balance and everything - and fun!" she continued.

That's what Heller says it's all about.

"The reaction is all smiles," Heller said. "We're always surprised at the end of the 40 minutes how tired we are."

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