Glendale teen remains hospitalized as hit-and-run suspect turns himself in to police

A candlelight vigil was held Sunday night for a boy who remains in the hospital after a hit-and-run in Glendale on April 11.

The 13-year-old was badly hurt this week while riding his bike in Glendale. Late Saturday night, the suspect, 27-year-old Joshua Holbert, turned himself in to police.

To say the family of 13-year-old Elias Bizzle is heartbroken doesn’t do it justice.

His mother says they are waiting to do an MRI on the boy – for now there is too much brain swelling to tell what damage was done.

At the vigil on April 14, the community wore red. They're all waiting for the diagnosis of the young boy who they all call Eli.

Eli was left in the road at the intersection at Northern and 47th avenues.

Police say the suspected driver turned himself in to Glendale Police two days after leaving the scene.

27-year-old Joshua Holbert

"This monster turned my world upside down," Eli's mother, Victoria Bizzle, said.

The group of kids were out riding their bikes before the sunset, crossing the crosswalk along Northern Avenue. His mother says her son was doing the right thing.

"My son wasn't the first person riding. He was in the middle. The guy swerved to miss these other kids, hit my son and kept going," Victoria said.

Eli is suffering from a fractured skull and broken legs.

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Elias Bizzle. Photo from The Bizzle Family

"My son is fighting for his life," she said.

The family of six has been at the hospital around the clock since Eli was hit. They say they’re praying for a miracle.

As the family awaits Eli’s condition, Victoria says she is thankful for a witness and nurse who pulled over and immediately began giving Eli CPR.

The family is looking for that nurse to thank her for giving Eli a fighting chance.

Glendale Police released a statement on this case, saying in part, "We here at the Glendale Police Department hope he is able to make a full recovery. We hope his family can find some peace knowing we will do all we can to aid in the prosecution of Mr. Holbert."