Good samaritan who saved teen at Bartlett Lake speaks

A good samaritan who helped rescue 15-year-old Alec Medina from Bartlett Lake over the weekend is speaking out about what happened.

The teen was reportedly on a jet ski when a speed boat crashed into him, and then fled the scene.

"i was extremely irritated and upset and just really, really shocked at the class of people that would do that," said Michael Banach. The Scottsdale man wasn't planning on being a good samaritan over the weekend. He was with family and friends, finishing up a day on Bartlett Lake when he was flagged down by panicking people

"My one and only priority and goal was to help this individual that was severely injured, unconscious, really couldn't even recognize his face," said Banach. "Nobody was taking action, everyone was in a complete panic, and I just took initiative"

The accident has weighed heavy on Banach. He's personally offering up $1,000 in reward for new information that could help bring in the other boat operators. A friend is matching it, bringing the total to $2,000.

MCSO is also asking anyone at the lake that day to try and remember if they saw something suspicious. MSCO believes there were a man and woman operating the boat that left the scene