Google Fiber: New internet service provider up and running in Mesa

For residents in parts of Mesa, they now have a new internet service provider to choose from.

As of Mar. 30, Google Fiber is up and running in parts of the East Valley city.

"Our flagship product is 1 gigabit, which is 1000 megabits per second of internet to your home," said Ashley Church with Google Fiber.

Mesa is the first city in Arizona to have Google Fiber service.

"We're offering everything from 1 gigabit at $70, our 2 gigabit at $100, our 5 gigabit service at $125, and our 8 [gigabit], which is one of the first markets for Google to do this, and we're really pushing the envelope with this with speed. That is at $150 per month," said Church.

 John Miller, who has lived in Mesa for 46 years, was the second person in the city to have Google Fiber installed.

"All of my devices work. There's no buffering, and we can stream TV," said Miller. "Before, it buffered so often, we got frustrated and wouldn't even watch TV. But now TVs, computers, security cameras, everything works just smooth."

Officials with Google Fiber say Chandler will get the service next. Construction there will start at the end of 2023, and will be done by 2024.

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Google Fiber construction efforts (Courtesy: City of Mesa)