GREAT ENDING: Stolen motorcycle returned to its rightful owner in Phoenix

It was a story FOX 10 Phoenix first reported on a few weeks ago: surveillance video capturing thieves in the act of stealing a distinctive motorcycle out of Camey Walker's garage in Phoenix.

Fast forward a few weeks, Walker's bike has been returned to her, and Walker thanked the community for sharing the video, and the story of her stolen motorcycle.

Walker thinks the sharing is what made the difference in getting the distinctive pink-rimmed bike back, and now, she has installed GPS on it. Back in early May, when FOX 10 Phoenix interviewed Walker over the loss of the motorcycle, she was livid and disheartened over the incident.

"You're walking out, riding off on our bike giving 'thumbs up' like -- yeah that's not right," said Walker, back in early May.

Despite the push on Walker's story, many people warned Walker that the chances of her ever seeing her bike again were not good.

On Sunday, Walker received some good news. While she was out, Walker received a call from her daughter, who was at home.

"She was like, 'Mom, your bike is here'," said Walker.

Someone left the bike on Walker's driveway, and Phoenix Police said because the bike was so unique, and Walker's Ruff Ryder Club members, as well as others, shared the video of the theft countless times, it may have made the bike tough for the suspects to unload.

Police said the case remains open, and they are searching for those responsible.