'Guac the Vote' at several taco trucks

With less than two months until we elect a new President, hot spots for food have also developed into hot spots for voter registration. The effort is being called Guac the Vote. Call it an election day two-for-one -- buy a taco and register to vote.

Six mobile taco vendors in Houston are doubling as voter registration booths.

"When we looked at voter participation in Texas, we were looking at ways we could affect that," said Thomas Hull, partner in design firm Rigsby Hull.

A record 27 million Latinos are eligible to vote throughout the U.S. with more than four million of them in Texas.

Historically, there has been a significant gap between Latinos eligible to vote and those who actually registered for that basic right of citizenship. English and Spanish voter registration cards have been placed outside of the taco trucks. Customers can fill them out and drop it in the mailbox with no postage required.

"Since Texas is near the bottom of the pile on voter participation, and the Latino community is at the bottom of that pile, we thought to reach out to that community," said Hull, who developed the idea based on a television interview he heard with a Donald Trump supporter who was promoting immigration reform.

"If you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks on every corner," said Marco Gutierrez in that interview.

"We actually saw that as a humorous statement, where here in Houston and Harris County, we do have taco trucks on every corner," explained Hull. "We thought we'd leverage that into a positive thing."

When asked if the initiative is an effort to turn Texas 'blue,' Hull replied, "Certainly not. Really, our main focus is reaching communities that typically don't participate in the voting process."

The voter registration campaign will continue at the participating taco trucks until Oct, 11.