Gwinnett County K9 Sika finds missing child with autism

Police dogs and police officers don't always chase criminals; sometimes, they play a crucial role in locating lost children.

One such instance occurred on April 22 in Georgia's Gwinnett County.

Sgt. Brandon Townley and K9 Sika successfully located a missing child diagnosed with autism. Sika, a dedicated search dog, frequently assists in finding missing individuals.


Sika joined the department in July 2022 and is known for her sociable nature, often described as a "social butterfly" who loves to give kisses.

She is a crossbreed between a Hanoverian Hound and a Plott Hound.

Besides locating missing individuals, Sika has also been involved in law enforcement activities. Her first "arrest" after joining the department involved a hit-and-run suspect who was hiding in a chicken coop in Norcross.