Halloween paint ball attack: 5-year-old hit in the face

What should have been a fun night of trick or treating turned painful for some children in one valley neighborhood. Some people were driving around the area, targeting the kids with paint balls.

5-year-old Logan White was dressed as an Army man. He was with his parents and other kids when some people drove by in a car and fired paint balls at them. A pink paint ball hit Logan right in the face.

Logan still feels the sting of a Halloween night that was supposed to be filled with fun trick-or-treating with his siblings and parents.

"I heard some pops.. I looked back and my son started screaming," said Christopher White.

Someone in a car heading northbound on 31st Avenue shot paint balls at a large group of parents and children as they walked along trick-or-treating.

"Yeah, there were four people that got hit and he unfortunately got hit right in the face," said Christopher.

"I cried," said Logan.

The skin on Logan's cheek was broken and bled a little, but he will be okay. His parents hope he heals as well on the inside.

"Woke up a few times crying, thinking dreams.. that maybe he got hit in the face. When we came back inside, he was sad because it was his favorite holiday and now he doesn't want to trick-or-treat next year because he doesn't want to get hit again. It's tough," said Christopher.

Phoenix Police say they are looking for a silver Dodge Durango style vehicle with a roof rack that was last seen near 31st Avenue and Sweetwater.

If you have any information about this case, call the Phoenix Police at 602-262-6011. Logan says there's one thing that would help him feel better: "The police to get them."