Hatchimals invade the Valley on Sunday

Hatchimals have invaded the valley and shoppers are lining up at Target stores on Saturday morning to get their hands on the popular toy.

People were lined up at Target stores at 44th Street and Thomas and also at Christown Spectrum Mall.

Many people had been there for hours before the stores' 8 a.m., opening. Target stores have only a limited supply on shelves on Sunday and they cost $59.99 each. As many as 30 people were lined up at Christown Spectrum Mall on Sunday, but only 22 of the customers were given tickets guaranteeing they could purchase one or two of the toys.

The rest of the customers waited for the coveted item on a "stand-by" basis.

The interactive toy has been a challenge for stores to keep stocked on their shelves.

Ebay sellers have been selling the toy for hundreds of dollars. The Hatchimal makes noises, its eyes light up, and reportedly kids can teach it to walk, dance, and talk.