Have you seen one? Coyotes spotted running through Phoenix neighborhoods

The sight of an urban coyote loping through the streets of this north central Phoenix neighborhood is not as unusual as it once was.

Some residents view them as an interesting part of the neighborhood, while others aren't so welcoming.

One homeowner didn't want to show her face and says she love animals, but doesn't like coyotes.

"I just think they're bad news because they carry rabies and they're dirty and they eat pets," she said.

There has been an explosion of coyote sightings in several Valley neighborhoods. Coyotes' breeding season is from January through March, so this is the time when you might see more of them on the prowl looking for partners.

Residents across the Valley have taken to popular neighborhood apps to share they coyote experiences. One coyote captured earlier this month on a cellphone shows it trotting along Central and Glendale Avenues.

Suddenly, a bird swoops down and the startled coyote heads off in the other direction.

We showed the video to the homeowner in the area and she says she's not at all surprised.

"For the last year and half we've had two running around in here and then one last year was in my shrub," she said. "I've had them a lot."