HEARTWARMING: Fairytale prom for girl with special needs

It all started with a unique promposal.

A junior at Penncrest High School in Delaware County asked a classmate to go with him. They had just met this year and became fast friends. The girl is a student who has special needs, and her date routinely helps her in school.

The promposal was a heartwarming one, and Sophia Stafford said yes.

With a sweet smile that can light up the room, Sophia was happily getting ready for the big night Friday.

Hair and makeup: check

Pretty party dress: check

Handsome and kind date: check

"Every day I hang out with Sophia. I eat lunch with her. I read to her. We talk. I love our conversations. We formed a bond. I felt everyone deserves to go to the prom," Luke Keith said.

Luke and Sophia did a little dance practice, and then it was time to go. Their parents are very proud.

"He said, 'Mom she's the greatest little girl ever she makes me so happy. There's a lot of drama in high school and she never has drama every day--she's happy,'" Luke's mom, Marie, said.

"I'm the happiest dad in the world," Sophia's dad, Sam, said. "He had the courage to stand up and say, 'You know what, I know it's right my heart, and that's what I'm doing tonight. So he is almost like a son, you know. I'm proud of him."

Sophia and Luke arrived at the Springfield Country Club in a donated black stretch limo. Then it was time to mingle and party and dance the night away.