Hero Mesa dog caught on camera saving friend gets award

Remus the canine came to his buddy's rescue after he found himself over the edge, and back in April, the backyard surveillance video went viral.

"It was awesome to know that no one was around and Remus still chose to do something really good," Kayla Becerra said.

The dog's friend, Smokey, nearly struggled to get out of the water after jumping in. Luckily, Remus rushed to his side.

"I was out of town for work and then my parents were watching Remus and they were playing by the pool, and my dad was inside and they jumped in and Remus saved him," Becerra said.

Today, Remus is being recognized as a hometown hero by the Mesa Fire Department for saving Smokey's life.

"It was amazing, it's great to see when people save lives, but also dogs save lives too," said Meghan Chute with Mesa fire. "He's just kind of embodying what we're trying to teach right now to not only people, but animals as well. He was there to save a friend and so we try to teach those ABC's of water safety."

Remus' mom and family say they couldn't be more proud of the 1-year-old pup.

"I'm a proud dog mom, that's all I got to say," she said.

His reward -- a bag of dog biscuits fit for a canine hero.