Hiking rescues are dangerous for first responders

The heat wave is making hiking in the valley dangerous.

You're not just putting your life at risk, but also the lives of the rescue teams who have to hike into and fly over the mountains when people get stuck. The widow of a DPS medic whose husband was killed during a mountain rescue has a message for would-be hikers.

It was 8-years-ago on October 13 when the accident happened. In a tragic instant while trying to rescue two hikers 36-year-old Officer Bruce Harrolle lost his life when he was struck by a chopper blade on the rescue helicopter.

His wife Angela hopes hikers can remember the decisions that they make can lead to tragedy and not just for them, but for first responders.

At the DPS hangar in Phoenix, there is a memorial for Harrolle. Colleague and friend Russ Dodge hopes hikers and everyone take heed of the weather and their surroundings.

Both Dodge and Harrolle make the point that there are hundreds of other days of the year to hike when you won't be putting yourself or others in jeopardy.