Honoring Tex Earnhardt: Earnhardt Auto Dealerships partner with State Forty Eight for commemorative T-shirt

A token T-shirt with a message as big as the heart of the legend it represents -- a vivid image of Arizona icon Tex Earnhardt, riding off in the Valley sunset.

The effort is the result of a partnership between the Earnhardt family and State Forty Eight.

"It's so much more than just T-shirts for us," said Michael Spangenberg, CEO and co-founder of State Forty Eight. "It's how can we really make an impact in the community and this is just one example of how we're just trying to show love and just be positive and make cool shirts." 

(Mike Robison)

"Tex did business in the Valley for 68 years and teaming up with State Forty Eight, it's just good to get two Valley companies together," said Derby Earnhardt, grandson of Tex Earnhardt.

The shirts are already seeing big sales.

"He gave us the vision and we put it together and next thing you know we posted it on social media and it became a huge hit," Spangenberg said.

Hoping to keep Tex's legacy alive, both groups say a portion of the proceeds from the T-shirts will go towards local charities.

State Forty Eight