Hot car rescue, gun law goes into effect in Arizona

Starting today, several new laws go into effect in Arizona, including a law that allows people to rescue children and pets from hot cars, and a law that does not require background checks for private gun sales.

The hot car law, also known as House Bill 2494, was approved in May and protects Good Samaritans from a civil lawsuit if they smash a vehicle window, as long as there is no other way to rescue the child or pet.

Before smashing a car window, citizens are required to call police or animal control first, and there has to be an "imminent" danger of physical injury or death.

After smashing the window, the citizen must stay at the scene until help arrives.

House Bill 2494 Fact Sheet:

Gun law

A new gun law prevents cities and counties from enacting ordinances that would require background checks for private gun sales.

Senate Bill 1122 prevents areas from requiring a third party or the use of background checks in the "private sale, gift, donation or other transfer of personal property."

Senate Bill 1122 Fact Sheet:

Sunscreen law

Dozens of other new laws go into effect today, including a law that allows students to apply sunscreen at school without a note or prescription.

Changes to teacher regulations

School districts can now hire teachers who have no formal classroom training, as long as they have five years experience in the subject they are teaching.

Senate Bill 1042 allows highly-qualified professionals who have significant experience in a subject matter, possess a higher education degree, and have passed a background check to be certified to teach.

Moving law

Another law going into effect on Wednesday prevents moving companies from holding customers' belongings if there's a dispute about payment.