House Democrats to issue resolution to censure Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar

Ten House Democrats say they will introduce a House resolution to censure Republican Rep. Paul Gosar for tweeting a video that included altered animation showing him striking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a sword. 

The Democrats, led by the co-chairs of the Democratic Women's Caucus, say Gosar's posting "goes beyond the pale" and call it a "clear cut case for censure." 

They will introduce the resolution Friday. Gosar, of Arizona, says the video wasn't meant to depict harm or violence, calling it instead "a symbolic portrayal of a fight over immigration policy." 

The roughly 90-second video is an altered version of a Japanese anime series, interspersed with shots of border patrol officers and migrants at the southern U.S. border. During one roughly 10-second section of the video, animated characters whose faces have been replaced with Gosar and fellow Republican Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado are seen fighting other animated characters.

Ocasio-Cortez called Gosar "creepy."

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar

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