House panel OKs placeholder Arizona ride-hailing law

PHOENIX (AP) - An Arizona House panel has approved placeholder legislation on new rules for ride-hailing companies like Uber as talks progress to reach a comprehensive deal.

Republican Rep. Karen Fann is leading negotiations between taxi firms, ride-hailing companies and insurers on an updated law regulating the new and growing ride-hailing industry.

The insurance committee Fann chairs approved House Bill 2135 on a 6-1 vote Wednesday. She assured members that the panel will hear full details when a final proposal is nailed down.

Fann is trying to work out a compromise leveling the playing field between the new and growing ride-hailing industries and traditional taxi services. How the new services are insured is a key issue that Fann says appears nearly solved.

Arizona regulators stopped issuing citations to ride-hailing company drivers last month.