Houston authorities seek person who shot dog with arrow, left him to die

A dog was shot by an arrow and left to die a slow death. Authorities are asking for the public's help to find whoever is responsible for shooting and killing the dog with an arrow.

Houston Crime Stoppers, the Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force, and the community in northeast Houston want nothing more than justice for the dog named "Archer" -- a one-year-old pup with a loving personality, that was tortured and died from his injuries.

It was Sunday when Tina Crosby found the dog on her front porch with an arrow protruding from his neck. She recognized him since he would walk around her neighborhood on Cheeves Drive.

"He was in such distress, you know, I know he was dying the way you was looking in his eyes you can tell," she says.

A dog owner herself, she was horrified by what she saw and contacted police. The dog was named Archer and Red Collar Rescue stepped in to help.

"They immediately did x-rays and determined that the arrow had gone in through the neck, through the thorax, the diaphragm, the abdomen and located in to his liver," says Charlotte Laberta of Red Collar Rescue.

Archer was transported to Texas A&M for treatment, but it was during his second surgery that his body finally gave out.

"My heart just like dropped. I was like oh my God because I was hoping that we caught it in time," says Tina.

Archer was wearing a collar when he was found. The collar and the arrow are being investigated, and will hopefully bring authorities closer to justice for Archer, which would be 2-10 years in prison.

"It was a sadistic act of violence, possibly committed by a deeply disturbed individual who likely poses continued threat to our community," Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said during a press conference.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office says this was a very unusual crime, something that the person responsible may brag about. Reach out to Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS with information. The reward has been increased to $7,500 for information leading to an arrest.