How airline employees are handling the heat at Phoenix Sky Harbor

Most of Arizona has been under an Excessive Heat Warning for over a week now, with record-tying or record-breaking temperatures seen regularly.

Many residents are trying to avoid being out in the heat, but there are some jobs in the Valley where people have to be out in the elements. 

This includes the men who work below the wing at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

"It's already hot to begin with, then we're adding to it with our aircraft and servicing equipment," said John Daley, managing director of hub operations at Sky Harbor for American Airlines.

Daley says the number one priority is making sure their employees are safe when the temperatures soar.

"We have multiple pieces of equipment running all during the time while the aircraft is being serviced, that throws a lot of heat out," Daley explained. "They're exerting themselves, the concrete ramp retains so much heat as well. And then the jet engines, the packs and the APUs throw off a lot of heat."

Starting in early May, the airline has had a cart that drives around, offering water, Gatorade and frozen popsicles to cool off employees. They also have cooling stations at every concourse.

"We have the big evaporative sideline fans, and then it blows on everybody in here," Daley said.

While they keep employees cool below the wing, the airline makes sure the planes stay cool for their passengers too.

"We have these hoses that go directly into the aircraft and filter through the cabin to cool the cabin while it's on the ground for servicing," Daley said. "We also pump a percentage of the air into the jet bridge to keep it cool during boarding time...we go so far as to use the thermometers to check the temperature of the cabins."

It's also advised for passenger to close the window shades while flying to keep the temperatures down.

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