How to maintain your pool during Arizona monsoon season

It's been a busy monsoon season and for some, it's making caring for your pool a real headache.

Josh Bazin, owner of Glistening Waters Pool Service, says the first thing you want to do is to buy test strips, stick them in the water, and test the levels.

"You remove it immediately, and you can check and make sure it matches the colors within the range," he said. "You don't want it all the way left or right."

If you have too little chlorine in your pool, it's easier for bacteria and algae to grow. If you have too much chlorine, then the pool is not safe to swim. If your levels are slightly off and the water is green, you can try this.

"Adding a couple [of] pounds of shock, about one pound per 10,000 gallons, brushing the entire pool, and then I would leave the pump on until your water clarity is back to what you're used to," Bazin said.

When brushing your pool, walk around the perimeter and brush backward. After you've done that, don't forget the skimmer.

"Your skimmer basket is in the deck," Bazin said. "If this basket is full, it’s going to restrict your water flow, so you won’t be filtering properly. You want to take this out and make sure it stays empty."

To finish, add at least two chlorine tablets to your floater each week. This will give your pool a steady dose of chlorine.

If all else fails, hire a pool care expert.

"In the summer, the pools really do need weekly service," Bazin said. "The typical service prices are about $120 to $160 a month."