Humble heroes: Glendale teens honored for saving woman's life

We often call police and firefighters heroes, but on Tuesday, they were the ones calling these young boys the brave.

"Here we have a couple of young men who not only got involved, but because they got involved they saved lives, it's a big deal," Glendale Fire Chief Terry Garrison said.

On the night of October 12, 14-year-old Malikah Barfield and 12-year-old Bryson Burris heard cries and saw smoke coming from a nearby apartment. Without hesitation, they grabbed a fire extinguisher and went to work on the flames.

But their heroic action didn't stop there.

"And they took it upon themselves to not only get a fire extinguisher, but to get in the door, help the woman out and put the fire out," Officer Ashley Losch said. "That is an amazing act for anyone, but especially a 12 and 14 year old."

Police say the resident in the attempted suicide took pills and intentionally started a fire in her kitchen, and if the boys hadn't been there before first responders, she could have died, but the boys say they were just doing what was right.

"I would want help if that happened to me also, so I would want to help someone else out, instead of just standing there, waiting for the fire department and the police department to help," Barfield said.

With awards and gift certificates in hand, the humble heroes added they hope if they were in a difficult situation, someone would come to their aid.

"If I was in that situation, I would want someone to help me also, so I really don't see like, I would expect people to do this for other people," Burris said. "I really don't see how special it is. I just see it as a normal thing."

The teens have not seen the woman they helped since that day. They wish her well and a full recovery.