Husband charged with murder in shooting of wife outside her workplace

A woman who was working at a nursing home was shot to death in the parking lot and her husband has been charged with murder. Police arrived on Thursday morning to the building on North Braeswood Boulevard in the Meyerland district.

The 53-year-old woman left her husband less than a week ago and investigators say he went to her workplace, waited for his wife to arrive and fired his weapon at her.

Investigators say 61-year-old Anthony Authorlee, separated from his wife for less than a week, ambushed her in the parking lot of The Medallion Jewish Assisted Living Center. Detectives say Authorlee pointed a shotgun at his wife, 53-year-old Senta Yolanda Authorlee, and pulled the trigger several times.

"It's terrible," says Abby Davis whose mom is a resident. "I mean she was taking care of an elderly person. That's a job that not everybody wants. She must have been somebody with a big heart I would imagine."

"I don't know why people do that," says Sue Shefman, who volunteers at the center. "They're going to get caught. They're going to go to jail. Why would you do that?"

A couple of hours after Senta was shot to death, police say her husband surrendered to officers.

"I hope he gets the maximum he can get," adds Davis. "Very sad."

If you need help escaping an abusive spouse or partner, the Houston Area Women's Center reminds us that leaving from a relationship is the most dangerous time.

Celinda Guerra, the HAWC manager of crisis intervention, says everyone leaving an abusive relationship should call a domestic abuse hotline to develop a tailor-made plan to get out safely.

"We would then be able to help them develop a very specific safety plan," says Guerra.

That plan could include things like changing your route to and from work, making sure your cell phone is always charged and on-hand and being aware of your surroundings "or making, in some instances, your employer aware of what's happening so they can take safety precautions as well or if you have access to a security guard at work asking them to walk you to your car so there's protection there as well," adds Guerra.

The phone number to the Houston Area Women's Center hotline is 713-528-2121.

Counselors are being made available to the nursing home and assisted living residents. Anthony Authorlee is in custody at the Harris County Jail where he is charged with murder.