Husband of woman in viral racist tirade video gives different side of story on what happened

On Monday, the husband of a woman whose racist tirade at a North Phoenix gas station was caught in a now-viral video spoke out about the incident.

The man who filmed the video, Greg Conn, says an older white woman stormed inside and demanded help when her gas pump didn't work at the station located near Seventh Street and Greenway.

Conn says she then told another woman who was being helped at the front counter, identified as Karina Rodriguez, to "go back to Mexico." In the video, both women get into an argument and the older woman grabs Rodriguez who then slaps her.

Husband claims his wife has mental health concerns

Bob Harrian, who is the husband of the woman in the now-notorious video, offered an explanation on what happened.

Harrian said for over a year, his wife has developed paranoia and signs of fabrication following a break-in incident, and it has been happening in front of family members, friends, and members of their local church. The level of paranoia has also created episodes of mental health concerns.

Harrian said he has tried to get treatment for his wife but has failed at doing so. He said he was astounded by the video, but also said this might be the proof that he needs to explain to his wife that she can be a detriment to herself.

"Karina, I don't know what to say. I'm just so sorry," Harrian said, in an emotional message to the woman on the receiving end of the tirade in the video. "I'm just so sorry that this happened. You never walked into that store thinking something like this was going to happen. I understand, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what she said. It was very hateful. It was -- it's indefensible, but I just have to tell you this. It's her mental illness. A year ago, she would never done -- never have even thought of that."

Harrian said a crisis management team was at their home on Monday. Harrian also said he will not sue the woman who slapped his wife in the video.