Huss Brewing Co. brewers leading the way for other women in the industry

The brewing industry is often perceived as male-dominated, but that is all changing thanks to a sisterhood of brewers in Phoenix.

Women at Huss Brewing Co., every single day, are steeping the grain, adding the hops, and stirring the vats, all to make the beer you love.

March 8 is International Women's Day, and to celebrate, brewers are creating a pale ale, with the proceeds being donated to Pink Boots Society.

All while they represent women in the industry, they wear their pink boots as a symbol to inspire, and encourage, other women that they can do it too.

"If you look back through history, women were actually the first people to be brewing and fermenting alcohol and making beer …" said Erin Deuble with Huss Brewing Co.

Pink Boots Society is an organization that promotes women and leadership in the alcohol and beverage industry.

"It is such hard work. The cool part is going to be able to sit down and enjoy all these beers together as a group," Deuble said.

The Pink Boots pale ale will be available in April, and you can get it at Huss Brewing Co.

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