Ice King helps you stay cold as ice in the Valley heat

While the rest of the Valley is melting in the triple-digit heat, things are much more chill over at Ice King.

"In this room it's gonna be about 34 degrees, 35 degrees," said Owner Ryan Maasen.

Maasen says here at their ice warehouse, they pump out a cool 200 tons of ice each day and even though the temperatures rise, so do their orders.

June is just the tip of the iceberg.

"It'd very, very busy, we call this, though, this is our preseason game, right?" he said. "Our Super Bowl is comin' up, that's July Fourth."

In one day, Ice King can turn over eight of these massive water tanks into crystal-clear cold stuff.

The most popular item is their 10-pound bag of ice, but if you're in the market for something more interesting, take a chill pill because you've come to the right spot.

"We do 'Snowscape,' so that's very popular around in December, around Christmas time we'll bring snow into someone's yard and the kids can play in the snow, also we do what's called our premium cocktails ice," he said.

Ryan says in the heat of the moment, it's all about keeping things cool.

"Taking care of our customers right now, our customers are 365 day a year customers, but also those restaurants, their ice machines break down," he said.

If you need anymore convincing that Ice King really is the coolest place in the Valley, just give them a call and listen carefully.

"Well, if you listen to our hold music, it's 'Cold as Ice,'" Maasen said.