Idaho dispatch tells Gilbert PD family refused autopsy for Tammy Daybell

FOX 10 was the first Arizona news station to bring you the case of two missing children with ties to Arizona. There are now new details surrounding the death of their stepdad's wife, who died just weeks before he and their mother got married.

Their mother Lori Vallow and her new husband Chad Daybell are believed to be in Hawaii not cooperating with authorities by seemingly refusing to show that the children are safe

We've obtained a call through FOX 13 between Gilbert Police Detective Ryan Pillar to a dispatcher in Idaho just days after the death of Chad Daybell's first wife Tammy. They were together for nearly 30 years and shared 5 kids.

Suddenly Tammy died back in October and the cause determined was initially natural. However, authorities stepped in and called her death suspicious after exhuming her body.

Gilbert PD contacted the Fremont County Sheriffs Office due to similarities in cases that were ongoing in Arizona. "We just have some cases down here that got our attention with Mrs. Daybell," Pillar explained to the dispatcher.

Autopsy results are pending, but we learned the Daybell family never wanted an autopsy done in the first place. The dispatcher says the coroner and a deputy arrived to find Tammy's body but an autopsy was never done.

"They just kinda looked at her and I was advised that the family didn't want an autopsy and they just went to the funeral home and the family refused an autopsy," the dispatcher said.

Within weeks of Tammy's death, Chad married Lori Vallow and the search for JJ and Tylee ramped up by the end of November.

The kids haven't been seen for nearly five months and investigations are still open on the deaths of three people connected to Lori and Chad.

It's not confirmed that a police report was done after the call.