Inmates continue to riot at Kingman prison

Inmates at a prison in Kingman, Ariz., are once again rioting, according to Andrew Wilder, an official with the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Wilder tells Fox 10 Phoenix that remaining inmates in the Hualapai dormitory housing units are refusing to obey guard's orders.

Yesterday, we learned that 700 inmates will be sent to other correctional facilities due to continued rioting over the past few days.

During one of those riots, inmates caused significant damage, making two of the five housing units at the prison uninhabitable.

Eight staffers at the prison suffered minor injuries during the riots.

No word on whether today's riots caused more damage or injuries to staffers.

Officials with the Arizona Department of Public Safety are on site to assist authorities with perimeter area support.

Fox 10 Phoenix is continuing to try and get updates on the situation. Stay with us for more on this developing story.