Inside a unique home for sale in Cave Creek

Imagine you want to build a home with an important secret.

Like a basement built for protection from the unexpected. What would you use to construct it? One builder in Cave Creek says his solution is unique.

Just north of Cave Creek the Happy Hidden Ranch has been a bit mysterious since it was built in the 1960's.

"The property encompasses 4.97 acres, the main portion of the home is 4,032 square feet," said Lori Cedarstorm.

The home has been renovated over the years; recently it was a bed and breakfast. There are four rooms on one side of the house that have private bathrooms and patios.

"When I originally listed the property I had calls from previous people who had actually stayed here," said Cedarstorm.

They all remembered the homes intricate details, and the 25 horse stables on the property where many of them kept their horses. What really stood out for the former guests are the rail cars buried on the sprawling property. The exteriors of the cars are still intact, the details unmistakable.

"They find it interesting, men love it," said Cedarstorm.

You'd never know by looking at the desert above, but the original owner buried the three cars and joined them together. In some spots, you can still see the wheels. Now the area is used for recreation, complete with a bar and ping-pong table. The realtor says the area was originally dreamed up by a doomsday prepper.

"This was part of the original prepper's plan, the fear of unrest in the world. This was his alternative," she said.

Apparently, the buried rail cars were his safe room. The spot he'd retreat to if the first line of defense failed.

"The original home had gun turrets on top, they have since been covered up," said Cedarstorm.

The entrance to the rail cars was added by some of the more recent owners. The only was to access it was through a small tunnel that began inside the home and ended at a small opening. The opening is shut now, the entrance inside the home is covered by kitchen cabinets. The property which includes the buried rail cars is on the market for $727,885.

" I think this is a property that really needs to be shared. and I think the history and everything that Cave Creek has to offer would just be an amazing experience for someone coming from the east coast or the northern states," said Cedarstorm.

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