Is it too late to rent out your home for Super Bowl? 'There's a lot more to it,' host says

The mad dash is on to make plans for the Super Bowl – from plane tickets to a place to stay – but is it too late to rent your house for a few extra bucks?

Scott Kelly's Paradise Valley home is available for game week. He's set up with two master bedrooms and lots of seating.

"It's really important in an Airbnb and Vrbo to make sure you accommodate large parties, so people can come here. Golf groups, spring training, bring the family here for a family reunion," Kelly said.

He has a foosball table as well as a pool table.

"There's a batting cage when we bought the house, and we thought this is really unique, let's also turn it into a golf driving range," Kelly said.

These are the things that set his home apart when Valley demand will be at its peak during a busy weekend. He knows there are a lot of homeowners thinking of joining the rental house ranks in the next two weeks, but he says it's likely too late to start now.

"It's not something that you can just throw your house on the market over the weekend and make extra money for the Super Bowl. I know a lot of people think they can do that, and you see a lot of high prices there, but it's important to be compliant with local regulations," Kelly explained.

To cut down on parties and even violence, some cities have started requiring licenses to rent out your place, but even if you got one in time, Kelly says there's more to it than a bed and a pillow.

"You've got to line up those vendors to clean the house, those handymen, you've got to be available 24/7 if there's an issue that arises. So there's a lot more to it than throwing your house up for a weekend and making 10 to 20 grand," Kelly said.

Super Bowl LVII is on Feb. 12, and the WM Phoenix Open is hosted on the same weekend in Scottsdale.