"It was heartbreaking": New River farm steps in to help animals in hoarding situation

People are doing what they can to help relocate hundreds of animals that were found in filthy conditions in Gilbert.

When the owner of this non-profit in New River offered to take in some of the animals from the hoarding situation, she said she had no idea how many animals would be coming her way.

Ashley Fisher described the home where people discovered a woman living there had taken in hundreds of fowl and dozens of cats.

"It took our breath away. There was bird after bird.. they were in the house in cages.. they were wandering around.. they were in trees," she said. "She thought she was doing the right thing. I think her heart was in the right place."

Fisher's non-profit, Fancy's Menagerie, has taken in more than 200 roosters, chicken, turkeys and more than 25 cats. Through their Facebook page, they're seeking pens, food for the animals and funds as they look for foster homes and other options.

She says yes, it has been chaotic, even for a farm.

"My kids love it. My husband loves me.. I couldn't have done it without him."

Fisher says she is touched by how much the community is rallying to help the animals. Lowe's is promising to bring box fans and swamp coolers to keep the animals cool; and strangers keep showing up, offering to help.

Online: www.facebook.com/FancysMenagerie

Fundraiser: www.facebook.com/donate/227504638033271/866836233503562