Joint Base San Antonio Lackland lifts lockdown after active shooter report

Military officials have lifted a lockdown at Joint Base San Antonio Lackland after reports of an active shooter prompted the security measure Wednesday afternoon. 

Authorities said dispatch received a report of possible gunfire outside the Valley Hi gate shortly before noon. They also received a report that at least two gunmen fired their weapons towards the base with military trainees in the area. 

802nd Security Forces Squadron commander Lt. Col. Brian Loveless told reporters they haven’t found any evidence yet, but investigators are still combing through the area.

"There’s a couple of leads right now, we’re working right now, to kind of confirm exactly what occurred, but we do have some solid reports that two gunshots were fired into the installation," Loveless said during a news conference. 

Loveless added they’re checking to see if the situation was the result of a false alarm.

No injuries were reported.

The base went on lockdown shortly after the initial report was made. Loveless said operations and traffic have resumed but the Valley Hi gate area still remains closed.

"As of right now, I’m 100% confident we made the appropriate response and made all the right calls along the way, " he continued. 

The base previously posted on Twitter a warning about an active shooter.

"Active Shooter warning for all JBSA-Lackland personnel. All base personnel implement LOCKDOWN procedures immediately and take cover. Real World LOCKDOWN, LOCKDOWN, LOCKDOWN," the base wrote on Twitter.

According to FOX 29, the base sent out an alert to personnel.

This is a developing story. This story was reported from Los Angeles.