Juan Martinez, prosecutor noted for role in Jodi Arias trial, has been fired

Juan Martinez (From Archive)

FOX 10 has learned that Juan Martinez, a prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office who gained national notoriety after getting a guilty verdict in the Jodi Arias trial, has been dismissed from his position.

In early February, officials with MCAO say Martinez was placed on paid administrative leave.

At the time, officials did not provide any further information surrounding the decision, citing a personnel matter and only saying Martinez was placed on leave, on February 7.

On Friday, FOX 10 obtained documents surrounding the dismissal, which shed new light on what happened. On the same day Martinez was placed on paid administrative leave, county officials sent to Martinez, via hand delivery, a Notice of Intent to Dismiss.

The letter detailed a number of alleged violations of the Maricopa County Employee Merit System Resolution, including discourteous treatment of the public or fellow employees, violation of county or departmental policies or procedures in regards to workplace professionalism and prohibition against discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and a Code of Ethics violation.

In the letter, county officials say Martinez's conduct has created an environment at the county attorney's office that is now "impossible to manage effectively."

"For example, we must work to keep you away from those you victimized," read the letter. "This fact makes it difficult to assign you to bureaus and even your physical location within the building presents challenges. Even if we could isolate you from your victims based on job assignment and work location, it is not possible to prevent contact with your victims."

According to Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, Martinez filed an appeal on March 2.