Juror # 17's ex-husband has ties to prosecutor Juan Martinez

There are new revelations about juror # 17, the lone hold out on the jury in the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial.

She was the only juror who did not believe Arias should be put to death.

Since Judge Sherry Stevens declared a mistrial that juror has been the target of online threats. Her name, address, and photos have been posted on social media.

FOX 10 has also learned that the jurors ex-husband has a connection to prosecutor Juan Martinez, and it is raising some serious questions about the outcome of the trial.

The County Attorney's office confirmed they are trying to sort all of this out. FOX 10 is not identifying the who juror # 17 is, or her ex-hsband, but it is clear from court documents obtained that Juan Martinez was the prosecutor assigned to the case and it appears the couple got married just before he was sentenced.

Veteran prosecutor Juan Martinez is known to prosecute the most serious crimes, was a prosecutor when Juror #17's ex-husband was initially accused of murder in the late 1990's.

Those charges were eventually reduced and on a change of plea document dated May 3rd, 2000 Juan Martinez is listed as the prosecutor. A sentencing date was set for May 30th and according to juror #17's divorce paperwork she married her then-husband on the 29th, the day before the sentencing.

The documents also show there was domestic violence in the relationship.

"My initial impression is wow," said former prosecutor Monica Lindstrom.

Lindstrom says every juror is typically asked if they've had any experience with the judicial system, it is not clear what juror #17's response was, or if she remembered Juan Martinez prosecuting her soon to be husband.

"If she did realize it, and she didn't disclose it, that is not good for anybody, that is the problem," she said.

The County Attorney's Office confirmed they are looking into the connection.

Other jurors were vocal about number 17. "I feel that the one holdout had her mind made up from the beginning," they said.

What, if anything happens next is not clear. Reached by phone, Arias attorney Jennifer Willmott told FOX 10; "We all knew her first husband had a past, and if Juan didn't check it out, that is his fault."

The Maricopa County Attorney's office is not commenting further on the issue.