Officer replaces therapy pig for young boy after tragic animal attack

A Kansas police officer replaced a therapy pig for a family after the first one was attacked by another animal. (Credit: Derby Police Department)

A Kansas police officer took it upon herself to replace a therapy pig for a little boy after the first one was attacked by another animal. 

The Derby Police Department said on Jan. 29, Lieutenant Whitehead responded to a call about an animal attack. 

"The pig was the son's therapy pig and deeply loved by the family," the department said in a Facebook post. 

Whitehead decided upon herself to replace the pig. She picked up the animal in Missouri before driving it back to Kansas. 

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On Feb. 4, she delivered the pig to the family. 

"The family was so excited to get their pet replaced. We haven't seen smiles that big in a while!" the department added. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.